Science and technology play an important role in the development of any economy. Over the last decades, much of human development has been driven by science. In fact, science has even changed the way we communicate and how the economy works.

One big problem today is the growing income gap between the rich and the people. However, one of the ways in which these problems can be solved is by investing in startups. By investing in start-ups, you can assist scientists in completing their research to share profits.

You will be able to earn income, which will help narrow the income gap. It will also help create a positive impact on the development of the world. Aeternum  makes it possible to do this. The project allows anyone to invest in scientific intellectual property to  share profits .

What is Aeternum?

Aeternum and its proponents have set the goal of creating an electronic currency that in a cyclical way ensures that the intrinsic value develops steadily. For this purpose, a group has been assembled including experts from IT, programming, management, law, distribution, mining and especially from high frequency trading.

The proceeds from the mining will be divided and invested as follows: a portion of the proceeds will be provided to the fund for continuing and trading the electronic money; Another part of the proceeds will be used by Mining Tec to continue investing and upgrading hardware and software for the mining rig. Therefore, the investment cycle will continue without the last, almost permanent end date (hence the name of the coin: aeternum, from Latin).

Only owners of aeternumcoins are entitled to invest – through a managed account – into the aeternum fund.

Your investment will be safe with us, we believe and take full responsibility for your money and return on investment.

Feature characteristics

  • Use value of change: Algotrading uses smart algorithms to use market value fluctuations. The goal is to profit from rising courses and avoid losses.
  • Token retreat: The Aeternum Foundation tries to avoid violent market moves. This happens by increasing the quantitative relationship of gold and moving to different qualities such as real estate, stocks, money, and so on.
  • Property Notification: High-frequency bargaining with a gold-engagement ratio and additional financial benefits through Aeternum funds.
  • Smart mining: an automated code that harnesses the most profitable coins by hydropower.

Smart contract AETERNUM

The AET token operates on the Etherchain Blockchain Network with ERC20 compliance. The Ethereum Network offers the main benefits of selling the token extensively along with, but not limited to, the support from current Ethereum shoppers and is also likely to be listed in exchange for one of the co. Top e-money on the market, ether. It links to allow AET token requests that the infrastructure is already available in place for similar token transactions anywhere on the network.

In addition, the complete nature of Ethereum Blockchain, similar to its broad acceptance in the market, provides the dual benefit of allowing contracts to hold enhanced functions while still being predictable and secure. whole. ERC20-compliant cement token as it is being prepared for wide scale acceptance.
The specifi ED function in the customary allows the token to have all the basic functions required for plugging and more allowing integration with other Ethereum compatible billfolds.

Aeternum solution

Aeternum allows you to invest in the early stages of a scientific start. When you make this investment, you give a startup opportunity to bloom, and you can earn a profit. Real patent and IP will include investment. Through this platform, you will have the opportunity to invest in some of the greatest improvements of the modern world. The  Aeternum platform comes with various benefits such as:

  • The Libertarian Aeternum Foundation will spend 20% of digital cards to share basic income among community members.
  • Intelligent Protection – The Aeternum project combines the smart contracts  supported by blockchain  . Besides, it comes with legal guarantee, guaranteed investment on the secured platform from fraud.
  • Easy Returns – Participants in this platform will have the opportunity to sell their shares via the Aeternum platform to new users. In this way, they will get quick profits without delay.
  • Simplified payment options – On this platform, there is no charge, there is a great exchange rate. Besides, there are fiat payment managers that are integrated into this platform.
  • Quick communication – This platform ensures that each user is aware of the ongoing and current progress of a project. There will be monthly updates on progress, which will be emailed in conjunction with regular posts on  social media  .

About Aeternum ICO

  • Token: ALF
  • Start of the token sale begins: April 2, 2018
  • End of Sale: April 30, 2018
  • Token: 0,01 EUR
  • Total supply: 30 billion

Details of the ICO

Aeternum Token (ALF) is designed as a utility with a starting price of EUR 0.01 per ALF. A total of 30 billion cards. For the presale, 300 million cards will be sold. In the crowd, 90% of the cards will be sold. The remaining cards are reserved and secured by Aeternum. The presale begins on the 2nd and will end on April 30.


The core of this project is the desire to raise funds to support science-based startups. This will help people get out of poverty by investing in a lucrative idea. In addition, these startups will have a positive impact on  the world economy  . This project will  use blockchain  to bring the change that it wants to see in the world. You have the opportunity to become part of that change.








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