Switzerland is a leading financial center and is considered the third largest, after New York and London. In addition to being a leading global money market, it will also happen with very high living standards coupled with the many available business opportunities.

In the old days, the construction industry in this country continued to be a benchmark when it comes to dealing with reliability, professionalism and the advent of cutting-edge technology. Thus, betting on its eternal values ​​is always balanced by providing a guarantee of capital growth, as well as stability.

Suggestions for CustomCoin

Current recommendations include attracting investors who may perceive a development perspective in the construction sector. Investors can look at this on a large scale, meaning they should focus outside of Switzerland and look at the larger European Union.

The project aims to open up new horizons for all small businesses currently involved in the construction sector. With this foundation, businesses will be able to conduct business transactions in all countries currently operating under the auspices of the European Union.

The idea of ​​CustomCoin

This idea involves launching a large-scale project that will be used to create a platform based on infrastructure and blockchain technology. This platform upon completion will be able to link all participants currently dealing with construction related activities in Europe.

To ensure that the platform will be able to occupy a prime location in the construction market, a lot of time and effort has been devoted to marketing research. The results show that ninety percent of all small and medium enterprises require additional funding during the first few development phases.

And this is where  CustomCoin  appears. Its foundation will be used to provide solutions to this financial problem. It will create a strategy that can be used to develop a platform all the way from the stage of technical training to generating real profits.


Today, construction is one of the key branches of the economy of any developed country. The situation in the construction market in Europe is characterized by the readiness of population and enterprises to invest in construction, repair, reconstruction, construction of real estate … advanced technology in construction and Ground clearance can significantly affect the living standards of the people. Investment in the construction industry will ensure the expansion, regeneration and maintenance of capital.

So they decided to start a project to develop the construction industry in Western Europe. And start with Switzerland.

Why Switzerland? Very simple. Because Switzerland is a favorable geographic location, a perfectly integrated economy, a rare loyalty to investors, and support for investment projects – all of these conditions are conditional. conducive to business development. This is one of the few countries actually not suffering from the global financial crisis. A country with high living standards and excellent opportunities.

Investments in Switzerland are strongly supported at tax and law levels. A simple registration procedure, European standards, low tax rates and small social contributions.

Construction in this country has traditionally been the benchmark for the advent of cutting-edge technology, professionalism and reliability.

CustomCoin Token and ICO Details

All token transactions are only made by Ethereum. The CustomCoin Token is  also based on this particular blockchain. This means that investors will be able to receive the CustomCoin Token   into the wallet they will use to transfer money to purchase the token.

Distribute the token

ICO parameters

  • Total number of cards – 100 million coins
  • 1CC = 0.0004 ETH
  • 1 CC = 0.0004 ETH


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