The most basic condition of a healthy life is to exercise along with good nutrition. In particular, cardiovascular disease is the most important protective measure from obesity, a new epidemic at our age. Can we just manipulate it to get rid of the disease and have a healthy body? Of course, not because both of the pacing of the pace of the sport’s work far from us is a hobby, or the best way to spend time with our family is to spend time. together 

About GYM Ledger

What’s better than a fitness band? A fitness band is capable of storing your electronic money safely! The initial GYM Ledger coin supply is sponsored by GYM Ledger. GYM Ledger will be able to work with GYM Reward’s application to cast different cards with heart rate monitor and POE capabilities (as well as exercise evidence) as well as a multi-currency electronic wallet.

The innovative mobile app allows you to exploit GYM electronic money with your body. Ready to exercise! GYM Rewards application requires you to exercise to make money online. GYM Ledger uses heart rate monitoring and calorie tracking tools to exploit GYM rewards and a variety of supported cards.

It is specifically designed to support the GYM Awards application and protect your password.

About the ICO:  What’s better than a fitness band? A fitness group can store your electronic money safely! GYM Ledger’s initial financing provided financing for the GYM Ledger exercise bracelet. GYM Ledger, heart rate monitor and POE (cardiovascular exercise) with multiple card browse capabilities can work with GYM rewarding performance and can also act as a multi-functional hardware wallet.

About  GYM Ledger  :  GYM Ledger has two different roles. The cardiovascular health team is able to serve as a monitoring activity and also zoning the GYM Ledger. The code also acts as a hardware crypto coin, making it possible to protect your wallet.

Health Band:

  • The GYM reward is the Bluetooth heartbeat identification number for an electronic money exploitation application.
  • Watch your wrist-based, auto-continuous heart rate for better calories all day.
  • Maximize your exercises using simple heartbeats (Fat burn, Cardio and Peak).
  • Keep track of all day activities such as steps, distance, burned calories, floors and minutes of activity.
  • Synchronize wireless and automated statistics with your computer and over 200 top iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Developed to support GYM Mobile’s Rewards application

GYM is an innovative mobile application that allows you to have your crypto money with your body. Be ready to exercise! GYM Awards application requires you to exercise to make your electronic money. GYM Ledger uses GYM and heart rate monitoring and calorie tracking for a variety of cards supported.

Problem solving

GYM Ledger strives to address two major issues and process them with GYM Rewards Mobile Application Support.

Issues that occur when GYM is not a Ledger:

  • Risk of losing wallet file.
  • Risk of confiscating your desktop.
  • Encrypted wallet is a threat to electronic money assets.

The solution comes with GYM Ledger:

  • Always carry your purse as a wearable strap.
  • Store private keys on secure hardware devices.
  • Store multiple encodings and tokens.
  • Confirm all operations on your device.

Will Power:  Get ready for homework! GYM Awards application requires you to exercise to make your electronic money. Your heart rate and calorie intake are important to getting GYM.

GYM Bonus Mobile App: GYM Bonus Application uses  the ProofSp application to send your shares to Blockchain and return your earnings for each block.

GYM Ledger:  GYM Ledger is also a Bluetooth Leading Bluetooth Display that demonstrates your efforts in mobile applications. Any other standard low power bluetooth device will also work.


GYM Ledger  will have its own token called  LGR  , which will be the ERC20 type.

Previo Price: 1 LGR = 0.0014 ETH 

Price in ICO: 1 LGR = 0.002 ETH 


  • October 1 – October 15: 30% 
  • October 16 – October 31: 25% 
  • November 1 – December 31: 0% 
  • Card for sale: 20,000,000

Products available

GYM is an innovative mobile application that allows you to have your crypto money with your body. Everything you need to get started with the GYM Awards!


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