Rays Network is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve issues that are preventing the blockchain technology from going mainstream and in this manner revolutionizing your involvement in the cryptocurrency world. The adoption of the blockchain has expanded over the couple of years and on account of RAYS Network, there is an approach to improve it. Rays Network has identified some normal cryptocurrecncy issues in areas spanning from usability to how decentralized systems work. We would all be able to confirm the way that transaction speeds and costs with regards to real coins is an issue. Bitcoin takes around 45 minutes to affirm a transaction and this influences its usability including their transaction charges. Rays Network is a whole new blockchain technology which has adopted and changed known features in the cryptocurrency world, for example, Delegated Proof – of-stake (DPoS) and Bulletproof algorithm.


Rays Network has a few features with which the blockchain will be revolutionized and these are; Enterprise Privacy Blockchain Solution, Bulletproof Protocol for Privacy, Flexible Blockchain Network, Zero Transaction fee, Microtransactions, Multi Transaction System, RAYS Research Laboratory, Quantum Proof and some others.

With the utilization of the Bulletproof Protocol, privacy in cryptocurrency and blockchain is guaranteed and furthermore, it reduces the block transaction sizes to an extent when compared with other Privacy protocols. In the event that you are an employee, there is pleasing news for you. With RAYS Enterprise Privacy Blockchain Solution (EPBS), employers can send payment to their employees by making private transactions on a public network. On the traditional blockchain systems, anything that is shared on the public blockchain can be seen by anybody utilizing the blockchain including information on employees’ salaries and this is against General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which prohibits such practices. On account of RAYS Network, employees never again need to stress over exposure of their privacies (when salaries are concerned) when their employers pay their salaries on a public network.

The Multi-transaction System enables the leader of a company to send payments to every of his employees with only one click. Transactions on RAYS Network are fast and bear no fees (zero fees). Transactions are private and secured because of the execution of TOR and I2P protocols, none of the transactions can be traced at all


RAYS 3S wallet is a highly secure hybrid wallet and will provide the following features:

  • Security: Protected by NIST approved advanced cryptographic primitives, Two Factor Authentication and Anti Phishing Measures.
  • Safety: Provides cryptocurrency holders with a unique 9-digit PIN key, private information will not be logged in while connecting to the network and provides a backup option via a “recovery scheme” in case of a lost wallet seed.
  • Smartness: Automatic disabling feature in the event of forceful hacking after a certain number of failed attempts, physical approval required for all internal transactions executed and smart security policy from a key management system providing the rules used to protect keys and metadata.




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Website: https://rays.network

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Whitepaper: https://rays.network/whitepaper1.0.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/RaysNetwork

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